A Typical Day


After breakfast the first session of the day involves group drawing and painting exercises. After the morning break work is set or time allowed to further the skills of the individual, dependent on personal ability or choice.

After lunch and a siesta students continue the mornings activities or personal projects in the studio, or around the town.  Before dinner we will  informally discuss the day’s progress and events with a restorative drink.

Once a week there will be a painting/drawing excursion to either the City of Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Tarifa or to the ruins of the Roman town overlooking the Bay of Bolonia with Africa as a backdrop.
Nothing is compulsory; the object is enjoyment for all. If you wish to miss a session and relax that is perfectly okay.

At the end of each course we have an informal group exhibition of work and get together to discuss and assess both individual and group progress.



Painting in the Park

Photo Life Drawing

Life Drawing

image Betsy

Spring Flowers


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