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Alcalá de los Gazules is our beautiful home town. The town’s name is from the Moorish “Qalat al Yazula” or Castle of the Gazules, it has a long and interesting history and has been awarded ‘Historic Artistic’ status. Alcalá is the capital town of the Alcornocales Natural Park, which is named after the cork oaks, which fill the forest and are still harvested today. As a ‘Pueblo Blanco’ (white village) it has remained largely unchanged and it is a delight to wander around its narrow, cobbled Moorish streets.

The town is ideally situated for access to the mountains and the beautiful Atlantic beaches of the Costa de la Luz and offers many activities from horse riding to water sports, cycling, walking, hunting, bird watching, golf, etc. This whole area is a nature lover’s paradise.

For those interested in bird watching click on the link for the guide to the Cadiz Province; written by a respected expert John Cantelo 

Information for walkers/hikers can be found here. Paper maps are available in the property or PDF information (in Spanish) click here.

The town hosts an International Classical Music Festival an Arts Festival and is on the Gourmands Ruta de Tapas, which links villages famed for bull rearing and fighting. We have a spring and an autumn Bull Run through the town. There are also many important religious festivals offering spectacular scenes for both photographers and artists alike, especially the local Feria (August); Semana Santa (Easter) and the Romeria (September). The narrow winding streets and plazas offer many bars and restaurants and the usual amenities which are all within walking distance of the house.

Other places of interest such as Jerez, Bolonia, Cadiz, Seville and Gibraltar are all close by. Seville the furthest away is a 1 1/2 hour drive or 2 hours if you catch the bus from Alcalá. Jerez is the nearest, a 40 minute drive or an hour on the bus (buses from Alcalá).

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Spring Flowers

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Pata Negra

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Griffin Vulture

image spring flowers Alcala

Spring Flowers

image Campo House

Campo House

image Rocks Picacho

Rocks Picacho

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Wind Blown

image cork trees

Cork Trees

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Harvested Cork

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Wild Flowers

image Alcala in Spring

Alcala in Spring

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Local Goats

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Orange Blossom

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Jacaranda Tree

image Alcala Church Bells

Alcala Church Bells

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