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Read what some of our previous guests had to say about their time with us…

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Amazing, a head full of great tips and ideas, will help with the future painting. Will Fenton – London/Holland – June 2017

Very grateful for all the help and thoughtfulness. Wonderful warm and kind hosts.Lorraine Estelle – Oxford UK – June 2017

The tuition by Andy was excellent. He is a very professional teacher but also patient with a dry sense of humour! He is able to draw out the best of one’s ability in a kind and instructive manner. I have learnt a lot this week.

 Sonia  Mohawks (2nd course) – London – June 2017

Feel I made great progress with Andy’s help. He gave us well thought through assignments and if there were problems he could see immediately how to correct them. Norma Taylor (2nd course) – Lancashire – June 2017

Politely critical when necessary – and encouraging. I learned a lot. Laurie – Oxford UK – June 2017

Gave me some confidence and a point in the right direction. Margaret  Richardson – UK – 22 April 2016

Tuition – good – well structured, good feedback. Jacqui McCann – Spain – 22 April 2016

Andy was always there at the right time with wise & thoughtful advice. Sonia  Mohawks – May 2016

Good amount of freedom. Andy happy for everyone to have their own style but got the best out of everyones progression throughout the week. Sarah Richards – London – 22 April 2016

I would highly recommend this holiday. It has been an utter delight. Hazel  Cushion – Cardiff – May 2016

Andy is able to judge when to offer help or support. I am pleased with what he has enabled me to achieve this week. Lots of experimentation. Feeling inspired.  Norma Taylor – Lancashire – April  2016

Constructive, “gentle” but directional. It was everything I needed to get me back on track with my own painting. Marilyn Cunningham  – April 2016 (private w/end course)

Helen & Andy could not have been lovelier hosts. I learned so  much and go away reinvigorated. Karin Cox – April 2016 (private w/end course)

All good. David Edward – UK – April 2016

Andy’s style of teaching was perfect. Susan Harris – London – June 2015

Great, super, maravilloso! Penny Dunford – Canada – June 2015

Excellent Janet Adams – London – September 2015

This is the third time that I have come to Painting in Spain. Helen & Andy have been extraordinary hosts. Marilyn Langevin – Canada – June 2015

I feel that I have made a huge step forward. Siv Dundas – Norway – April 2015

I have enjoyed your company and felt at ease. Bjorn Dundas – Norway – April 2015

Excellent – tailored to individual needs & abilities, very encouraging. Andy is a mischievous saint!? Diana Armstrong – Australia June 2015

Go if you can! Jean Hutchison – Florida USA – September 2014

Overall impression is that it really was like staying with friends or family. As a lone traveller this sense of belonging was very much appreciated. I felt quite sad leaving!
Ruth Ward – UK – June 2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed being totally immersed in art. This is really a luxury that I would not have been able to enjoy at home. Pamela Vine – Bendigo Australia – June 2014

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to paint in Spain. Helen Cooper – Australia – September 2014

Helen and Andy are charming, lovely wonderful hosts and jolly good fun. Fiona McLedo – Glasgow, Scotland – September 2014

Andy is a great teacher. I have learnt a great deal in a very relaxed manner. Cheryl Axell – Bendigo, Victoria, Australia – June 2014

I loved my stay – the best yet. Frieda Bier – London, UK – June 2014

Exceptional, excellent, clear, concise instruction and advice. Lesley Ward – UK – June 2014

A great week of art and a tremendous help. Joy Guthrie – London, UK – June 2014

Much beyond what I had expected and hoped for. Ken Mitchel – Marlborough, UK – September 2014

This has been my best holiday – ever – or at least up there with them. Everything was excellent and even better than I’d hoped. Deborah Rowe – London, UK – June 2014

Produced more work than ever before, and very pleased with it. Jean Curant – UK – September 2014

Excellent, very patient and encouraging for one who is a beginner. Jennifer Stevens – Deal, Kent – September 2014

Great help using acrylics. Critique spot on. Angela lamb – UK – September 2014

I will be returning with my A level art students to the painting school of Andy and Helen Russell’s in Alcala de los Gazules Spain, for the third year in a row, -it’s that good!!
Frances Tappenden – Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK – October 2013

Inspirational! Diana Russell – Australia – September 2013

Christine (Spanish tutor) was very kind and patient. Tizzy Cottingham – Scotland – September 2013

It has been one of the best holidays ever and I can’t praise it enough. Antonia Sim – UK – July 2013

What a great experience. This was my first painting holiday, you made it so enjoyable. Lori Thill – USA – July 2013

This experience has been so great. I would recommend your classes, your cooking and your home to everyone. Michael Checkal – USA – July 2013

The methodology works! Chris Searle & Phil Goodman – UK – May 2013

Frank is delighted with how much encouragement and guidance that he has received Rosie Jackson & Frank Price – UK – May 2013

The introduction to painting from Andy was just exactly what I wanted. Hugh & Ros Carmichael – Scotland – May 2012

Excellent I think you need to charge more! Katie Bull – USA – May 2012

I really enjoyed being pushed with my art. Linda Harvey – USA – May 2012

Excellent teaching method. Laila O’Keefe – USA – May 2012

Excellent food, Helen you’re a marvellous cook and all of our meals were so delicious. Marcia Steward – USA – May 2012

The accommodation is charming with a beautiful view of the mountains. Camile Skliton – USA – May 2012

Andy is a rare combination, a fine artist who is also a wonderful teacher. Betsy Dickson – USA – 2012

I would definitely come back and recommend this experience to friends. Therese Sheldon – USA – May 2012

This is my third painting holiday and obviously I like them or I wouldn’t have come again! This definitely the best and for the last one I was painting in Monet’s garden!
Paddy Ryding – USA – May 2012

Right balance of help (hands on) and tuition. Jane Jones – UK – April 2012

I returned for a third course because Andy is a true teacher of fine art. Marilyn Langevin – Canada – March 2012 (3rd visit)

The decorative effects course surpassed all my expectations (again). Kath Hockey – Spain – February 2012 (2nd visit)

Excellent – thanks for making it fun, challenging & inspiring. Kath Hockey – Vejer de ls Frontera – October 2011

Lovely atmosphere, lots of conversation you really feel you are being looked after. Nandy & Annette – Italy – September 2011

The food was excellent also; we couldn’t have expected better. Ian & Jackie Halliday – New Zealand – September 2011

I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Paul Wood – London – September 2011

Excellent, de-mystifies painting. Matt O’Connell – Ireland – September 2011

Excellent. I never had a better teacher. Adrian Du Plessis June 2010

Andy is a first class tutor and very patient. Jane Castles June 2008

I am amazed at how we progressed. Juliette Du Plessis – June 2010

Extremely fairly priced. Andy and Helen both go above and beyond the call of duty. Melanie Lloyd – April 2010

Alcala is a thoroughly unspoilt white hill town with magnificent views. Sophia Hughes, January 2009

We have had a very enjoyable week in Alcala. Chris & Barbara Wilson, September 2008

I´ve had a total change of heart in terms of my own belief in my own ability. Andy is one of the most patient people I have had the pleasure of meeting. He has the ability to stretch and challenge you almost without you ever realising.  Andy and Helen – you are an amazingly inspirational couple. Juliette Du Plessis – June 2010

Andy has been an amazing teacher for me this week. He is clear in his vision and instruction and has gone out of his way to help get my skills to the next level and ¨see¨what I am painting in a way I hadn´t before. Thank you for your encouragement, patience, humor and enthusiasm – it has truly been great! Melanie Lloyd – April 2010

Alcalá is a thoroughly unspoilt white hill town with magnificent views, well worth a slight detour. Sophia Hughes, January 2009

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and company we have had a very enjoyable week in Alcala. The tuition was really excellent because Andy explored my strengths and weaknesses and tailored the programme to address the latter and play on the former. Chris & Barbara Wilson, September 2008